Friday, February 8, 2019

Felted Hearts

Do you  know how to read the Embroidery Collection booklet that comes with your icon machine? Or with your Epic ? Sometimes I overlook the fact that there are many designs with additional techniques, such as cutwork, appliqué and chenille.  One of the reasons I purchased my Creative Sensation Pro II was that it had so many versatile built in designs.  I decided it was time to try some of the techniques out!

While looking in the book for some Valentine or Heart ideas, I found these two felting designs in the Holidays section. 

The Felting Embroidery Set by Pfaff was one of my first extra attachments that I purchased.  I love to dabble in the fiber arts and this set is a perfect match for my artistic mind.

Not sure how it works?  Watch this You Tube video by Pfaff.

After setting up my machine following the information on the video, I started out first with the 100 x 100 mm metal hoop and Aqua Magic with loose red wool roving.

One of the features on my icon is the tutorial and actual set up for felting.  This is the screen for Felting in the Techniques and Tutorials section.  You will notice that there are four other designs in the machine for this technique.  I selected the heart and the machine automatically set it up.  

When I started,I I got a message that said my fabric was too thick, so I removed some of the roving to be able to stitch it out. I tried to add the stitching in the last step but it pulled the heart right out of the hoop.

Since it was not very successful and the roving was not thick enough I decided the problem was the metal hoop, so I switched to a 120 x 120 mm hoop.  I was then able to add more roving and stitched out the heart without any problems.

The front of the hoop is actually the back of the felted piece- weird concept, I know.

The front of the felted heart.

The heart on the left is the one I placed in the 120 x 120 mm hoop  with the extra roving. The heart on the right is too thin, but a lesson learned!

I decided to play around with the set and make a mini bag. I found a free pattern and tutorial here.

Here is a sneak peek of my Sewing Sisters event on Saturday.  If you are able to attend, you will see the demonstration of how to felt these hearts onto your project.

Here is the finished project.

I hope you are enjoying this Valentine blog event!  It sure has inspired me.

Director of Design and Creativity

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