Monday, February 11, 2019

XOXO means I am in love!

Yes, truly I am in love with the new updates to my Pfaff icon!  The new updates to both the machine and the Premier+2 software now enable me to send a design from my machine directly to my software via the 'paper airplane' icon!

Here is a class that I taught in January in which I was able to use this technique that I am featuring today.

I created the XOXO design in Appliqué Creator on my machine and sent it off to my software.  Do you see the paper airplane next to the butterflies?   That is how I sent it to the software. 

When I sent it, it arrived quickly in my software.

Unfortunately the Silhouette Designer Edition + software does not recognize vp3, so I saved the design as a dst.

I was then able to load it into the Silhouette Designer Edition + software.  The Designer Edition loads SVG files but the Designer Edition + loads embroidery format files- a real bonus!

I then pull off the layers to reveal the placement, the final layer of the design.

The placement stitch is what I send to the Silhouette to be cut.

Tomorrow's lesson will be cutting the design on the Silhouette Cameo and I hope you return to see how easily you can do this!

Director of Design and Creativity
Scrap & Sew
Lutz, FL

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