Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Day 5 of Christmas Stitching

Day 5- Festive Wrapping is quick and easy with your embroidery machine.  Here is another project from Embroidery  I found red mylar wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree and wrapped just the top of the box.  I added strips of peppermint washi tape as the ribbon hangers.

The FSL stars can be found on the Viking Epic in the Holidays section.  I selected the star as set by the machine.  I then made two copies and rescaled them one larger and one smaller to stitch out the three different sizes.

Another festive accent for your holiday gifts is to add Sequin embellished ribbons.

 You can find the direction to embellish the ribbon hereIf your own a Viking Epic or Brilliance 80, your machine includes these sequin stitches.

Wrapping presents is one of my favorite tasks and was assigned to me at an early age by my mother.  I love playing Christmas songs and drinking hot cocoa.  Hopefully this year, it will be cold enough to drink hot cocoa!

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