Monday, April 6, 2020

Adding the Bias Trim to the Pockets and Flap

Congratulation!  If you are following along, you have completed all the parts of the bag except for the strap. Today you are going to bind the flap. pocket sectionsand complete the front and back sections of the bag. 

You will need to follow your favorite method to make a continupus bias binding.  Since I messed up cutting FQ #2 - I ended up with these two pieces. No worries - just take your 11" x 11" squares and make a strip of continuos binding with it,

My original directions included the 25mm Clover Bias tape maker.  SO I dug it out and decided to play with it again. I cut my strips 1 3/4" and cut an angle at one end.

I insert a straight pin in my ironing board to anchor the strip down and then pull it and press.

Before you attach the bias tape to your flap, round the corners of one side creating a curve. I used a French curve ruler, the bottom of my water bottle works the same!

I pinned the bias tape to the WRONG side of my flap.  I attached the 1/4" foot and use the side of the foot as a guide.  The fold created by the bias tape maker was slighter larger than 1/4 "

Clip curves first, then fold the bias to the RIGHT side. Pin or use wonder Clips to hold it in place. Topstitch it in place.

Following the same steps, pin the bias tape to one long side of each pocket. Stitch, fold and topstitch.  Decide which side you want on the front of the bag.  Remember the 10" x 14" is the front outside pocket.

This is the inside of my bag.  I decided to use the white print side so that it would not get as dirty as if it was on the outside of the bag. You can see that I added the bias trim to the long side of the pocket piece.  Remember this is the 
11" x 14" pocket section.

I stitched the sides and the bottom of the pocket to the bag.  I also measured 
2 inches up from the bottom edge.  I then stitched the marked line.  I measure 2 inches from each side and cut out a 2" square so I can box the corners.

Lastly, I marked a line in the center and topstitched it to form two pockets.

I repeated the same steps for the outside pocket. I liked the combinatin of the striped fabric flap and the darker floral print as my outside of the bag.  I followed the same exact steps for this outside pocket as I did for the inside pocket.  Remember that this is the 10" x 14" pocket section.

We are almost finished.  Isn't this exciting?  See you tomoroow as we start finishing the bag.

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