Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Cutting and organzing all of the pieces.

Let the fun begin!

(Updated this post due to a few questions) This project is considerd an intermediate beginner project.  Basic sewing and quilting skills are required to complete this bag, including rotary cutting.   Use a ¼” seam throughout the project EXCEPT for the side seams, as noted.

The first step for today is cutting the fat quarters.  Lets start with FQ#1 and FQ #2.
Be sure the fat quarter is laid out so the width is the 18" and the height is the 22".

 If your FQ does not measure 22" but 21", you can subtract 1/4" from the piecing strips.  In other words, on FQ #1 - cut 5 1/4"  instead of 5 1/2".

In other words, the piecing will not be affected by the loss of 1/2" as we will trim down the front and back of the back to fit the pattern.

Here are my FQ #1 and FQ#2

After cutting the pieces, label them and set aside.  Here is the label document that I created. Feel free to use mine or make your own.  Email me at for a pdf file.

So if you do not pay attention to the width and length of your Fat Quarter, you end up with a irregular size for the bias strips. Oops-don't make that mistake. :)

Fat Quarter #3 and Fat Quarter #4- I picked the fabrics that I least liked in this bundle.

I suggest cutting them at the same time.  This will save you time and the fabric pieces will be the same size.

Cut the two Fat Quarters, at the same time.  In other words, one on top of the other.
The 2" strip is the Top Band- mark it as such.  I forgot to include it in the photo.

Again, cut the two Fat Quarters, at the same time.  In other words, one on top of the other.

Fat Quarter #5, Fat Quarter #6 and Fat Quarter #7

Last step is to cut the batting.  I actually dug around in my stash and found batting scraps, but you can certainly use whatever you have on hand.

Tomorrow we will piece the front and back sections and quilt them. If you have any questions, just add them to the comments.  If you would like a pdf file of the labels, email me at

See you tomorrow!

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