Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Embroidering Your Cupcake Designs

Hello everyone.  I hope you all were able to cut out your pieces with success.  You will soon find out what a time saver it is to precut all of the pieces and speed up the embroidering process.

Marking Your Background Pieces

This is a pretty simple step to do but it will help you align your deisgn very quickly.  Mark a small 'plus' sign at 3.25" both horizontally and vertically.  Yep, that's it!

Embroidering the Cupcake Design

Load the cupcake design into your machine and set up for embroidery.  I used a full white bobbin thread and selected a variety of Floriani polyester 40 wt. thread to match my fabric pieces.

Hoop your stabilizer into your 120mm x 120mm hoop and then insert the hoop into your machine.  Using Precise Positioning find the center of the cupcake design.  You will see that the first color stitch out is the placement stitch for the cupcake liner.

I like to float the background fabric rather than hooping it and I use a method that I call a 'cheater method'.  YOu can see here that I lay the fabric with the "plus' sign right under the needle- that is the center of the design in the hoop.

Return the needle to the highest postion and then check the 'ok' to proceed.  The next step is to stitch a basting box around the design.  this willanchor the fabric in place.

The stitch out color #1 and remove the hoop from the bed of the machine but DO NOT remove the fabric from the hoop.

Using your mini iron and a pressing pad, press the cupcake liner in place.

Continue onto color #3.  I usually skip the tackdown stitching as it is not needed since the liner is ironed in place.  Stitch color #4 which is the outline for the frosting.  Iron that in place and then follow the prompts to finish the embroidery.  The yellow stitching is the accent of the cupcake liner and the satin stitch and straight sititch embellishment.

Next is the satin stitch to the color frosting and the leaf is next.  The heart is the last color and completes the design.  Here is the finished cupcake design.  The digitizing is very well done and the svg cuts fit perfectly.  Notice how wide the satin stitch is and so you eliminate any 'whiskers' even if you are cutting the design in the traditional manner.  This is why I like Kimberbell designs - their work is quality work.

As I finish each design, I lay out the squares to see how I like the arrangement.

I will be back on Friday to complete the assembly of the pillow. Let me know if you have any problems, I am only an email away.

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