Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Finishing up the Sections of the Bag

Good morning!  I hope everyone is working right along because soon your bag will be finished!  Today we are going to make the strap and start assembling the pieces.

In the original pattern I used a tube turner, but decided over the years that there is an easier method to make a bag strap.  

The first step is to stitch along the short ends and press open and flat.  Then fold the strap section in half WRONG sides together and press.

Open up the strap and lay a 2" x  44" piece of batting down the center of the strap.  I like to use fusible batting here but decided to use a scrap of regular batting instead.  Then press each side over the strap to encase the strap.

Here is what it looks like finished.

I then folded it in half and topstitched each side and in the middle.  See photo below.

The last step for today is to press a 1/4" to the inside of each of the top bands.

Here are my sections all ready to put together for tomorrow.  As you can see I decided to add a monogram to the flap.  I thought it personalized the bag.

We are coming to the finish line and you should have two sections left.  This is the bottom cover which adds stability to the bag.

Please come back tomorrow for the finishing details!

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