Saturday, April 4, 2020

Quilting the Pockets and Flap

Now that the front and back are complete, we are going to construct the inner and outer pockets.
Let's begin:
Step #2 – Inside and outside pockets bias trim
*Sandwich FQ #5 and #6 together and the 16”x 22” batting. Quilt diagonal lines approximately 1” apart. If you feel like the fabric may move around, spray it with basting spray to hold it in place.

I decided to save some time and quilt this large piece with another one of my quilt stitches 2.2.11

Since this is a wide and long stitch, I was able to finish quickly.  My first line was down the middle and then I measured  2 3/4" from each side and continuing stitching and it filled in rather quickly.

When complte, cut into two sections and set aside.

I decided since I was on a roll that I would quilt the flap. This is a small piece so I thought it would look better quilted with diagonal lines. Sandwich the batting between the flap pieces and mark a diaginal line from one corner to the next, forming an "X" on the fabric.

I dug out my edge guide attachment and attached it to the ankle of the machine and engaged the dual feed.

The first stitching, I followed the marked line and then I used the bar on the Edge Guide to quilt the diagonal lines in both directions.

You can also reverse the Edge Guide attachment and continue to quilt .  If you always stitch in the same direction, you will avoid the ripples.

Here is a side view of the attached Edge and Quilting Guide accessory.

That's it for today.  Set all of the pieces aside until Monday. The next step is to make the bias strips and add them to the pockets and the flap. The straps are quick and easy and we can make them then as well.

See you then!

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