Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sew Exciting! The Design Placement app has arrived!

Finally!  I had to wait almost 2 weeks to get the Sew Notice app update from Pfaff for my Android.  Apparently, it was a Google hang up.  This post will be helpful if you watch the Facebook Live event, and you can find the link here.  You can find more information for the Pfaff app here.  I have organzined my phone with a folder for the three apps so I can find them easily. 

Currently, the app is only for the Creative Icon embroidery machine but who knows what the future holds?  Here is a screenshot of the main screen of the app.

The original app is used to monitor your embroidery stitching and is a wonderful tool, especially if you have other things to do around the house.  **My disclaimer- I normally do not stray far, it is my typical luck to have a major mess up if I do.

Here are screenshots of the Sew Monitor portion of the app.

The app for the Husqvarna Viking is called the My Sew Monitor app.  It is avialable for the Designer Brialliance 80, Epic and Epic 2 machines.  It looks similar but different across both machines and across both platforms, Android and iphone.

The new screen of the app looks like this on an android phone.

I did find some screen shots of the My SewMonitor app for the iphone.  I hope this helps some of you.

With this latest update, you are now able to take a picture of your hoop and send it to your machine and it becomes the  background for your embroidery design.  How cool is that?!

For this lesson, I decided to dig out from my stash, a set of denim pennants that I had purchased on clearance at Michaels ages ago. My husband's great niece is named 'Birdie' and while digging for fabric I found a collection with little birds on them.  Perfect!

I thought a perfect gift would be a baby quilt and the bunting.  The bunting/pennant is almost done. Check it out.

When I marked the pennant , I used the topstitching as a starting point.  The markings only apply to this pennant and for this blog post.  I just wanted you to see how I marked it so the letters would be even accross the banner.

When I float my projects in the hoop, I like to line up the vertical and horizontal markings on the hoop.  I purchased a Hoop Mat from Designs in Machine Embroidery to help me align the markings.

The next step was to load the Applique Creator design onto the screen of my machine.  Before I show you this step, I had mentined a few projects that I had made using this function.  Did I say yet how I love this function?!!

Here is the pillowcase for my grandson.  I made this to help him recognize his own name when he was about two years old.

Here is a USA banner that I made last summer.  The banner shape file is found on the MySewnet blog on my machine in several sizes.  I added the lettering and stars from my machine.

Lastly, I taught this wallhanging as a class and mixed a few techniques from my machine.  You know, I love Halloween!  You can see here, I used the the other options from the Auto outline for this design.

Follow the steps to creating appliqué lettering on your machine on the FB live event.  If you need further help, the information is in the full size manual starting on page 161.  Remember the first step is to set your hoop size.  This sets the general size for your shape.

Then follow the directions from the manual.


Once you have the design set up, then you can load your background.  I decided to add two hearts to the pennant - one on each side. I sized it and changed the colors of each step, just like in the video.  Please note that I changed the colors for each layer of appliqué, so it would be easie rto see on the screen.

I then took a picture of my hoop and sent it to my machine.  Cool beans, huh?

The next step was to go to Embroidery Stitch Out and check with Perfect Positioning the center of my design.  Being able to see the marks on my background fabric is a HUGE help.

The first stitch out is the placement stitch.  I changed this color to yellow to avoid any confusion. This heart actually looks like it is off center but it is centered, I promise.

I placed my appliqué fabric onto the placement stitch.  My piece was about 4" x 4.5" and backed with Heat n Bond Lite.  I removed the backing paper and stitched color #2 -the tack down stitch.

The tack down stitch is a very small zigzag designed to avoid the fabric tearing away if you cut too close.

Color #3 is the satin stitch outline,  It is definitely wide enough to cover the raw edges of your fabric appliqué.

Here is a close-up of the "E" and heart design that I did.  I hope you will give this a try.  It really is that easy.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Coming soon, additional applications for the Design Placement app and the other apps available.

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