Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Welcome to Week 1 of the Fort Worth Ultimate Picnic Mystery Quilt

Today we are working on one of the blocks in the first week.  It is the Half Square Triangle Star Block

Well this is turning out to be rather fun and not so hard after all.  One of the ladies is sharing a You Tube video to cut all of the fabric but I do not cut all of my fabric at once.  For me this is more of a cut and sew process.

Here are the first two blocks.

Here are my finished blocks for the HST Star Block

Don't get confused because I am making TWO quilts, so that is why you are seeing two of every step.  I know... I am crazy.

I did look over the cutting directions and decided that G will be the focal print for the HST Star Block.  Here is my design board for the first block with the bug fabric group.

Here is the design board for the watermelon fabric grouping.

You will need 1 yard and 4 inches for the A fabric choice.  I used white but I am seeing others use a solid darker color for that choice like this example.

Cutting Directions for the HST Star Block

HST= Half Square Truangle
RST = Right Sides Together

**Color A or the white tone on tone:  you will sse the 1 .25 yards of fabric

You will need to cut 12x 4'"x 4" pieces of color A for both of the blocks. (You will only make one HST Star Block and one HST Pinwheel block in this first week.)

Cut 4x 3" x 3" squares and 8x 2" x 5.5" rectangles.

**Color D are the points of the star:  10" x 20" piece of fabric

You will need to cut 8x 4'"x 4" pieces of color D.

**Color G is the accent fabric of the star: FQ for week #1 and #2

You will need to cut 4x 3" x 3" squares for the week.

**Color J is the small center block: - cut a 6" square fabric piece

You will need to cut 2x  2" x 2" squares - one for the HST Star Block and one for the HST Pinwheel block.

The first step is to match the 4" blocks RST (right sides together) and draw a diagonal line. Using a 1/4" seam, stitch down each side of the diagonal line.

Then cut down the marked line to make two half square triangles.

Press the triangles to the DARK side.  They suggest using a Bloc Loc Ruler.  I absolutely love this ruler and it is the only way I can get accurate HST.  You can buy the ruler at Scrap & Sew.  Call the store to see if we have the 6 1/2" ruler.  We can order it for you as well.  

Here is a video in how to use it and a few other rulers.


Once you trim all of your HST to a 3" x 3" block you are reay to assemble your block.  I layed all my pieces first to make sure I had it done correctly.  I used a 1/4 seam and pressed the seams to one side.

Here is a video that demonstrates both of the squares in the first week.  Complete the HST Star Block and set aside.  Tomorrow I will feature the HST Pinwheel block.

Please feel free to share your blocks and I will post them below.

See you tomorrow!

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