Friday, October 29, 2021

Day 9 Cute Halloween Treat Trays

I was digging through my Halloween fabrics and I found a whole bunch of scraps that I could actually use.  So I sorted all of the pieces by color and size.  Small pieces went into a basket and the larger pieces went into a plastic bin.

At first I thought of throwing them away but I was inspired by Judy W who is making scrappy quilts and I thought 'I should do this!"  Then I thought I might be able to find a few projects to use the scraps or maybe not...

I searched Google and came up with a few cute ideas.

I found these Halloweeen Reusable Treat trays here  Thermoweb Blog and started digging through the bin. 

The blog post details all of the steps to make the trays.  Rather than create a circle template, I used my circle Savvy ruler by Creative Grid.

I cut out a 7 inch circle with two scraps of fabric and coated them with the Heat n Bond Liquid Vinyl as per directions. I put a sheet of Press n Seal on top before screwing on the cap to keep it from drying out.

I then placed a piece of batting on the bottom and sewed the circles together -right sides together leaving a small opeing for turning.

I followed their directions to finish the treat tray and it is now ready for some candy.  I guess I should go buy some!

Have you bought your candy yet?   We go to our son's home for Halloween and so I only give out some treats to a few of the neighboor girls. The less candy around, the better!


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