Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween Witches!

Happy Halloween!  Why? you ask.  When my kids were growing up I tried to make the holidays really meaningful and it put a lot of stress on this teacher mom.  So with Halloween all I had to do was buy some candy and make a costume.  The only Halloween fabric then were orange and black solids!

My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. So of course I had to watch it again this year and I am anxious for Hocus Pocus 2 of course.

I have to admit that I started this design last year and I had only a few designs added to the hat.  But this year I was inspired to finish it and hang it up in the store.  

The project was designed to feature the built in designs on the Pfaff Creative icon, but darn if a few ladies didn't talk me into teaching it!  The hardest part was going back and trying to write directions for what I did! 

Then a customer wanted one for her Epic 2 and I actually had time to design one at the store and stitch it up before Halloween. And yes, all of the designs are in the machine except for the witches hat.

I was so excited when a few of the ladies shared their finished projects with me.  Cindy C added a few hanging spiders and made it into a mini quilt with the added binding and a sleeve to the back.

Vivian E had a totally different idea and bought a frame on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  Notice the bow? It covers up the scratch on the frame.

It matched  the rest of her spooky Halloween decorations perfectly.

I hope you have been inspired in some way by the 10 Days of Halloween ideas! If you are ever in the Tampa Bay area, come and visit us.  We would love to see you!

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