Sunday, December 19, 2021

Dollar Tree Junkie


My non-sewing friend calls me a Dollar Tree Junkie and I just laugh because I really am one!  when I realized I had to get my grands gift box out the door, I ran to the Dollar Tree and picked up the last two glitter snowflakes stockings they had. I filled them with Dollar Tree' stuff' and candy.  My granddaughter got Skittles because she doesn't like chocolate- I just don't get it!

So I decided to embroider their names and it was so quick and easy, they were done and in the box in about an hour.

I hooped the 100 x 100 mm metal hoop with Sticky Back tear away stabilizer and marked the line for their names. Then I pulled to stocking top so it layed flat on the hoop with the right side of the fur up.  I programmed his name and turned it 180 degrees so it would read correctly when you turned the fur top back down againset the stocking.  Make sense?  I laid a water soluble stabilizer on top which is a must when working with any type of fabric with nap.



I used the magnets to keep the stockins away from the stitching area.  What I really needed was the Creative Hoop Metal Guide set.  It is perfect for these small areas.  I need to add that to my Christmas list.

Here is what they looked like when I finished them.  Dakota's name is hard to read but you get the idea.

If you would like Santa to bring you a Creative icon, we have a used one in perfect condition and it can be under your tree on Christmas Eve.  If you are like me, I am my own Santa! check out the details below.  Stop by the store on Monday for a demonstration of this fabulous machine.

Stop by tomorrow for a another quick and easy idea.

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