Sunday, December 26, 2021

Happy New Year!

Lordy, lordly - how quickly the Christmas festivities have come and gone. I personally become sad after all of it is over. It is such a happy time in my life especially with having grandchildren who are so excited with every gift they open.

And without a blip, I am now getting Valentine's Day emails filled with project ideas.


Husqvarna Viking along with have a FREE collection called  New Years Eve Photo Props.

They have also included a pdf sheet of instructions for you to download on their mySewnet site.  Have you signed up for your own account yet?  Be sure to do because they are offering FREE designs for download and you will own them forever.

Here is the link they have to connect you to the information above.  Included is both the pdf directions and the VP4 files to send to your cloud.  

If your machine does not read VP4 files, then download the FREE Basic mysewnet software here and convert it to a VP3 file.  If you use a different file format, EXPORT it to VP3 and then open up the FREE software for your particular brand of embroidery machine. Here I am using the Free Bernina Artlink 8 software.  A strange occurence is that it did not bring in the 2022 but you can add it with the fonts on your machine.

Since I have the Silver version of the software I am able to export it as a JEF file for my multineedle machine. This is pretty handy since I know many of us own more than one machine.

Today I am off to play and you will see in the next few blog posts what I am 'playing' with.

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