Saturday, August 11, 2018

Fall is coming!

This time of year is definitely my favorite!  The weather cools down (OK, in October) and the stores are filled with fall decorations.  On my list of fall patterns, was this pattern from Indygo Junction.  This pumpkin trio is made with Crossroads denim but I used our new Grunge fabric.

This is actually a quick pattern if you alter the pattern directions for the stem and omit the leaves as I did.  I used felt for the stem and tightly rolled it and stuffed it into the top opening.

I am going to share with you a quick tutorial in how to make the curls on the pumpkins.  Do you save your scraps of Wet n Gone or Aqua Magic?  No, then you should!  I put the scraps in a zip lock baggie and reuse them as often as I can.  This is the perfect project for this technique.

Collect your supplies:
Scraps of Aqua Mesh
Plastic container of warm water
Twine or strips of burlap
Plastic straws - 'grab em while you can'
Paper towels

1.  Add the scraps to the warm water and stir with one of the straws until dissolved
2.  Cut of lengths of twine and submerged them into the container.
3.  Soak the twine until it is saturated with the solution.
4.  Wrap it around the straws - I vary the tightness of the wrap to get different looks.

Let them dry on the paper towel until thoroughly dry - usually a couple of hours.

Gently pull them off the straw and step back and admire your creativity! One of the reasons I use plastic straws is I have found they tend to stick to the wooden dowels.  I am a hunt for different size straws to add to my collection.

Here is a cute idea I found on Pinterest.  I just added a few of my own touches.  You just may find a few of these in our newly decorated bathroom!

You will need:
1 roll of toilet paper
Fat quarter of orange fabric - 18" x 22"
Burlap curls and embroidered leaf from the Viking Epic

Quick and easy!  Just tuck the corners of the fabric into the center and add the organza leaf and curls.  I did pin them into the roll to make sure they stayed put!

Not too many may guess this is your extra roll of TP!

I hope you give this technique a try.  You just may add twine curls to every project.  See you next time.

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