Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Exciting News about mySewnet Library!

I have been so excited to share this amazing information about this new feature for the Pfaff Creative icon machine.  The Epic 2, Epic and Designer Brilliance 80 had have this feature for a few months.

There are so many questions flying around and I will do my best to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

There are several ways to access your mySewnet library.  You can access it from your computer, phone and your tablet. Today I had  doctor appt. and they were a tad bit behind.  So i opened up the library and started to browse for some project ideas and saved a few favorites.

When working with my laptop, I have found the quickest method to access it is to go to the Pfaff site and then click on the library and it open ups.  On my tablet and phone I have saved the link in my favorites.

Rather than have a long lengthly post, I am going to include several short videos as I do a tour around the site.  Not to worry, I am doing more posts regarding this fabulous new feature and I will share additional new features that are coming to this blog soon!  

Introduction to mySewnet Library

Exciting News! You can now browse the  to view the site and the available designs.

New this week!

Call and ask for the special code to sign up for a year subscription.  Get 12 months for the price of 10.

Next post- "How to Search for designs in mySewnet Library".

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Week 3 & 4 QST Blocks are a Real Challenge

I have to tell you that week 3 & 4 almost did me in! I am almost finished and ready to trim the blocks but I had to take a break.One of the reasons that I do not love to quilt is I lose interest after doing a few blocks and I want to move on. And that is exactly what happened.

I selected my fabrics for these strips and decided after I made a few that this would be my design. With this arrangement, the dark blue and red/black dots would be the red dots and blue checks as seen  in the sample above.

Once I stitched and pressed the blocks, I watched the video and I am glad that I did.  She made an error herself and then shared her method of cutting an accurate 4.5" block using the Half Bloc ruler.  I would definitely recommend that you watch the video to help you with this week. Fast forward to 23:08 where she explains the correct method to cut the blocks.

Several group members have completed their blocks and given a tons of tips that I would share in the event you are in the same mental place that I am.

Here is a ruler that someone shared- I sure do wish I had that ruler now.

Also others shared that pressing the seams open helped reduce the bulk and another suggesting snipping a few stitches out of the center and pressing them in their corresponding direction.

If you completed this week, then good for you.  As for me I am still working on it day by day.  So stay tune.

Friday, May 8, 2020

All About mySewnet Blog

I hope you are following along with me this week as I dig deeper into the mySewnet function free to everyone who owns a Pfaff Creative icon, Epic, Epic 2 and Designer Embrilliance 80.

Today's post is all about the mySewnet Blog.  I look forward to this every time I turned on my machine to see if I have mail!

When you open the screen you will see four sections at the top.

They are:
Purple- Tips and Hints -  included are ideas for using decorative stitchesm stabilizers or needle work projects.

Gold - Sewing Instructions - when you open each post, it will have sewing instructions to make the project.

Teal-What's New- notice you will find the new update information here.

Dark Teal- Social Media - here you will find posts from our Pfaff Ambassadors, Instagram, Twitter,  You Tube, Pinterest and Pfaff Facebook page.

If you haven't sign up for their posts, I would suggest that you do as they have valuable information on all of the sites.

When you open a blog post, you will see the directions to work on a project like this recent post.  You can also download the directions as this is a a project included in the Project Creator part of mySewnet.

If there is an embroidery file, you can click on it and it will download directly to your cloud.

This design is created in Premier+2 software and they share the font used to create the design.  This is what it looks like on my cloud.

They are now including project and files ideas from the mySewnet Library.  Look for more information on this fabulous subscritption coming next week!

New Designs are added every Friday and today we received new files with a Mother's Day theme. Currently there are over 5000 designs in the mySewnet Library!

There is so much more to the mySewnet app so look for future blog posts sharing all the aspects of the app.  It will be very inspiring.  Trust me!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Working with mySewnet Cloud

Now that you are all signed and ready to embroider, what are the many options you have with your fabulous new machine and your mySewnet account?

Today I am going to start with the Load from mySewnet function of the machine.

After multiple attempts to take a decent picture of my machine screen, I gave up and made a video.  Here is a quick video to help you navigate the mySewnet function on your Creative icon.


And here is apicture of my Premier+2 screen!  Just quick and easy. Now I can alter and adapt it and then send it back to my machine.  How awesome is that?!

If you do not own the Premier+2 software, you can download a complimentary software here.

1.  This complimentary software allows you to open the Premier+2 embroidery module in free mode.  You can open stitch files, flip, rotate, Combine, ColorSort, change threas colors, print templates and Export to other atitch formats.

2.  There is no activation code used with this free version.

3.  Premier+2 Quick Font is included and allows you to create font files in vp3 format from your True Type or OpenType fonts on your computer.

4. Premier+2 Explorer Plug In allows you to view your embroideries as thumbnail images in Window Explorer.

5.  For mySewnet connected machines such as the Pfaff Creative icon, Epic, Epic 2 and Designer Embrilliance 80, you can use the Send to mySewnet function.

I hope that gives a little insight to how to manage your files back and forth from the machine.  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.  Or just leave me some lovin' in the comment section.  

Tomorrow I will delve into the mySewnet Blog screen of the machine.  I just LOVE it!

Monday, May 4, 2020

Welcome to mySewnet!

Congratulations on you new machine!  Even if you have owned it for a few years (like me) you have the internal software of a new machine!  The Epic 2 is new to the market but the Epic, Pfaff Creative icon and Viking Designer Embrillance 80 all have been updated in the last few weeks!

The Pfaff update was released on April 6, 2020 while the Viking updates were at the end of February.

The updates included:
a. The ability to read .evp3- format of the mySewnet Library designs.  (This is huge and I am SEW excited!)
b.  Support for the Pfaff Design Placement in the Sew Notice app.  Did you watch the FB live event?
c.  Support for the NEW creative grand quilter's 260mm x 260mm hoop.

If you need help with the update, please reach out to your dealer or you can leave a comment below and I will help you out.

Today's topic will be how to get connected to mySewnet.  Once you are connected you will discover the excitement and ease of embroidery with the Viking or Pfaff machine.

What is mySewnet?

mySewnet™ Cloud: a service where you save and access your personal files, stitches and designs, over the Internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive.

Your files in mySewnet™ Cloud can be saved and accessed from different devices; your mySewnet™ enabled machine, your PC or Mac, your smart phone or tablet via mySewnet™ apps.

Here I am hanging out with my friends' cloud.

How can I acess my files on my computer?

 mySewnet™ Cloud Sync Tool - Mac or PC: a tool to support synchronization of a local folder on your PC or Mac with the files stored in mySewnet™ cloud.

Here is what my mySewnet Cloud looks like on my computer.

Here is a quick tutorial to help you get started and register a mySewnet account.


Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Tomorrow I will go into more detail regarding the mySewnet Cloud and its use.

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