Monday, April 26, 2021

We are excited about the Kimberbell Stabilzers!

Yes, we are.  Our Kimberbell delivery of stabilizers has arrived at the store. I am testing the Sticky Back Tear Awar Embroidery stabilizer currently in my embroidery projects and I am loving how easily it tears away after embroidery.  It is similar to Floriani Perfect Stick but there are a few differences.

The feature that I absolutely love is that they are color coded! In the picture above you can quickly recognize that these are all Tear Away stabilizers BUT they are all Medium in weight. How?  They are all wrapped with a red label.

This chart is is their simple, color-coded system and you can easily spot what you need just by looking at the packaging. The Ombre color gradient indicates light, medium, and heavy weights.

The pink label is for the light tear away products.  The red is for the medium weight products and the dark red is for all the heavy weight tear away stabilizers.
Isn't that easy?

In this picture, I can see at a quick glance that the stabilizers wrapped in lime green are all Specialty Sewing and Embroidery stabilizers. The lone blue label is the Wash Away Embroidery topping.

This new specialty product is their  Embroidery Topping which is ideal for placing  on dark colored fabric in which the light color stitches.  The dark fabric usually can be seen through the light stitches.

My second favorite feature/product is the Slap Bands labels for the stabilizers because let's face after you take the wrapper off, you have no idea what it is! It certainly does help to keep us all organzed.

If you are still confused and would like to know more, Kimberbell is having a Hoop La event this week from April 26th - 30th.

So be sure to follow them on their Facebook page, Instagram and their blog.  You can find the link to their blog here.

I hope to 'see' you at this virtual event.

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