Wednesday, January 30, 2019

You are SEW special, Valentine.

Check back daily starting Friday February 1st for our 'Sew Special' Valentine treat blog posts.  Sewing and embroidery projects that will inspire you and save you calories!

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Part 2 - What are the necessary 'Sewing Supplies' needed for an embroidery class.

Part 2- Sewing Supplies

1.  Cutting tools -  be sure to include shears, appliqué scissors, and snips.  We carry many different types of cutting tools and if you need left hand shears or scissors, we can order them for you. Don't forget your seam ripper, tweezers
and any other tools to pull out those pesky threads.

2.   Rotary mat, rotary cutter and ruler - there is enough space at your table, to set up a mat, cutter and ruler. These tools are especially helpful when marking your stabilizer to accuracy in precise positioning.

An 18" x 24" will fit in your extra space.

This Olfa cutter is for both left and right hand use. 

A   6 1/2 "  x 18" ruler will be work just fine.

3.  Marking Tools- please include Frixion pens, air and water soluble marking pens and chalks or chalk pencils.  We have a full display of these notions in the store.  Be mindful of the colors of fabrics you are working on.  Chalk pencils or markers work best on dark fabrics.

4.  Straight Pins and Measuring Tape- you may have a favorite type of pins for your sewing, and we offer many different types of pins for you to use.

Make sure your measuring tape has metric measurements on the tape as not all machines can change quickly from metric to inches.

5.  Machine Needles- I prefer MicroTex 90/14 for embroidery and I usually add them to my supply lists.  I also like Floriani Chrome  Microtex 90/14 needles as they last 3x longer and are designed for the faster embroidery speeds on the machines today.

6.  Notions - are the 'little' items that you may not think to bring but you should have!

A few of my favorites include Wonder Clips as they are great to hold loose edges together instead of pins.

505 Spray, Floriani Perfection tape, scotch tape are items that offer forgotten but needed in a class.

If you can think of any other tools that would be helpful, please feel free to share in the comments.

Monday, January 28, 2019

How to pack for an Embroidery Class.

When you sign up for a class at Scrap & Sew, you should receive a supply list for the class.. One of the items listed is 'Sewing Supplies' and as you collect  the items from your sewing room, you may wonder "Exactly what do I need to bring?"  

Supplies may differ from one class to another and I will address in this blog post, what to bring if you are taking an embroidery class at Scrap & Sew with Adeline.

I will start first with the Sewing/Embroidery machine and all accessories.

Part 1 -Sewing/Embroidery machine plus:

1.  Specialty foot for your brand/machine.
2.  Multi Zigzag or Straight Stitch plate - most machines today suggest the straight stitch plate for the best performance.

3.  Embroidery hoops - make sure you have all 3 hoops that came with your machine.  I may suggest a extra hoop that will be ideal for the project and that will be listed separately.  The Quilters Hoop is one of the hoops that I often add to my supply lists.

4.  Accessory Tray - many of your machines have the accessory tray attached to your machine.  If not, it is always a good idea to bring the tray with you as there may be a time when you will need a sewing foot, the screwdriver etc.

Many of you have a suitcase system that came with your machine.  You should use this system as it is the safest way to travel with your machine and embroidery accessories.

Part 2- Tomorrow's post - What are 'Sewing Supplies?'.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Thank you for attending Class Preview 2019!

To all of you who attended our first Class Preview of 2019, the staff and teachers at Scrap & Sew thank you!  We had a fabulous time with our Mardi Gras theme.

Crazy, wild time had by all!

Cindy, our computer guru!

In our quest to help you organize and keep clean your sewing space, we have offered another free pattern for you.  Our 'Klip It Bowl' is perfect for your free Wonder clips gift.

This is the picture tutorial for you which accompanies your written directions you received in your 'goodie bag'.

2x 6" x 6" squares of fabric
1x 6" x 6" batting

1.  To attach batting to one side of the 6” square, sew an ‘X’ in the fabric square to attach the one square to the batting.

2.   Fold each piece in half, right sides together and mark a dart that is ¾” wide and tapers to 1 ½ “ long.

3. Set your machine to 1.1.1 with a stitch length of 2mm. Set the machine for a tie-off at the beginning and the end and thread cut. Stitch both darts. 

4.  Refold the square and mark one dart on each straight edge of each square and stitch following the previous directions. (Total of 8) Follow the same steps for the second piece of fabric.

5.  Clip all 8 darts and press them flat. 

6.  Place right sides together matching darts and clip with your rainbow Wonder Clips. 

7.  Stitch with a scant ¼ “seam.  Make sure you stitch the corners and leave a small opening on the straight edge, not the corner.

8.  Trim corners and clip in the ‘v’ for a smooth, straight seam. Turn right side out and press the seam flat.  Top stitch close to the edge and enjoy!

May all of your dreams be creative and all your spaces tidy!

Director of Design and Creativity

Happy Valentine's Day!

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