Sunday, May 5, 2019

Thank you for attending our Summer Class Preview!

We closed the doors yesterday on another successful class preview, albeit with a few snags on Thursday night.  Lori is ready to start the Hawaiian Luau party!

We hope you enjoyed your gift bag goodies and the included complimentary Hawaiian shirt issue holder.  Thanks to Heirloom Creations for this fabulous idea. I did make a few extra and embellished them with the decorative stitches on my icon.

You either received a 12" square piece of fabric or a 9 x 18" strip of fabric.  Here is the basic cutting layout for both pieces.

Here is what your cut pieces should look like when finished.

Following the directions for folding the sleeves and the collar, I pressed them and topstitched the edge of the pieces.  I then placed them onto the one 4" x 6" piece and held them in place with Wonder Clips.  The raw edges of the sleeves are placed outside the piece and will be cut off after stitching.

I then placed the two folded top pieces on top of the the shirt.  Note the folds face the center of the shirt.

The last step is to stitch  a 1/4 " rectangular seam following the raw edges.  Trim corners and extra sleeves and turn right side out. EZPZ! I glued a tiny button from my stash using fabric glue and added the tissue pack.  

Here are a few other pictures I found on the site.

Feel free to use up your scraps and add decorative stitches to your shirt.  They make great gifts and stitch up quickly.

Again thank you for coming to our Hawaiian Luau.

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