Friday, April 3, 2020

Constructing the Front and Back of the bag

Welcome Back!

I hope all went well yesterday with your cutting.  I think the biggest challenge was the fact that not all fat quarters are exactly 18" x 22" .  The best part is I have extra fabric built in so you will trim all of your pieces to fit, so it is not cructial to have 22"- 21" should work fine.

Machine Set Up:

*Set up your machine for a straight stitch of 2.5mm with your cotton thread in the top needle and bobbin of your machine.  

*Insert a Microtex 90/14 quilting needle and attach a 1/4" foot.

*Engage the dual feed if you machine has one but it is not necessary to attach a walking foot at this point.

Step #1 – Piecing the front and back of bag

Label all of the pieces from the pattern layout diagram and arrange the pieces following the diagram below.  

*Sew piece A to one C and piece B to the other C.  You should have 4 pieces labeld C and two different fabrics. The same with A and B- 2 pieces of each to match C. Stitch sections together, using a ¼ “ seam.  Then press the seams to the DARK side.

*Next sew one E piece to the one side and one D piece to the other.  It is hard to see the white piece but it is there. Press the seams to one side.

*Repeat this step for the other side.  One is for the back and the other one is for the front.

Trim each pieced fabric section to 14 ½ “ x 16”. Sandwich the batting and the pieced bag to the back lining.  This step will create the fabric for the front and back of the bag.  So when trimming I cut off the one "C" section. Don't be like Adeline!

I would recommend that you place the bag lining piece centered on your pieced square and trim around it to include a bit of each section. Don't make my mistake. :)

You can quilt the fabric with diagonal lines approximately 1” apart. At this point I would attach my walking foot and my edge guide to quilt the diagonal lines.

I decided to 'mix' it up this time and I am using the quilt stitches on my Pfaff Creation icon.  I started first with the the quilt stitch 2.2.12.  

I stitched it first on the seam between piece E and the rest of the section.  I then measured 2" from there and quilted the rest.  I hope you can see my markings.

One you have finished quilting both pieces, trim the pieces to 14" x 14".  If you are a tad short- no worries- It is a BAG. :)  I normally try to mix up the sizes of the pieces but apparebtly I am a bit rusty and didn't follow my own directions.:) I am not actually worried because the pocket in the front will cover it up.

Set outside bag pieces aside.  Tomorrow we will be making the inside and outside pockets. I hope to see you  then.

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