Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How to Select the Fat Quarters for your Flap Bag.

Scrap & Sew Along starts tomorrow!

I am not unlike any other sewer in this universe.  I save and collect fabric. The good news at this point in history, is that no one will criticize me for 'hoarding fabric' any longer.  Can you hear me, family?

So as I started to prepare for my blog posts, I found fabric that I had received as part of the Creative Quilters Fabric Club by Anne's.

The club includes 6 fat quarters so I needed one more to made the Fat Quarter Flap BagThis is my FQ bundle that I will use to make the first bag.  All I did was add a FQ of white tone on tone.

I did pull out this FQ bundle that I put together for the holidays, but I decided it was a little too glamorous for the summer.

And if you really know me, then you know I have to make a red, white and black bag. This time I mixed it up with a bit of gray. This is also the bag that will feature decorative stitches, couching and maybe even embroidery. Since I didn't have enough fat quarters, I am using yardage.  So just remember that works too!

Do you need a little help in selecting your fabric?  Here are a few of my suggestions.

Fat quarters #1 and #2 are the most important choices.  This is the outside flap and the contrasting bias trim and straps.

Fat Quarters #3 and #4 are the bag lining.  I usually select the fabric that I like the least. Normally I add a lighter color of the bundle but my options were limited here.

Fat Quarters 5, 6 and 7 are used to make the inside and outside pockets and bottom cover. After quilting the section, it will be cut in half and one pocket will be on the inside of the bag and the other one will be on the outside of the bag.

You will notice that on each FQ, there are rectangle shaped pieces that are labeled A-E.  These are the fabrics that you will piece together to form the front and the back of the bag.

I am trying to think why I used these colors (as these are not my usual preferences). I remember that the Yellow Brick Road pattern was very popular at this time.  That is my closest guess.

Tomorrow begins the actual Sew Along, but I thought I would give you a head start to help you get your fabric ready.  Be sure to lightly starch and press each FQ.

In additional, you will need:
* 1/2 yd. of 90" wide batting- I actually used scraps, because who doesn't save batting scraps?
*Quilting 90/14 needle 
*Thread-  I used Aurifil thread and wound several bobbins.

If you have any questions, just post them in the comment section.  

See you on Thursday!

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